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Due to unforseen circumstances Mostyn and Nicky Thomas will be stopping caravanning. They have been active Members for many years and will be sorely missed by us all.

Nicky is the current Treasurer of the Centre and will therefore have to cease these duties. The Centre is not allowed to run (Caravan Club Rules) without this position being filled so it is imperative that a new Treasurer be found to fill the post at least until the next AGM in September.

Centre rules state that the Treasurer must have been a Centre Member for at least 2 years immediately prior to taking the post and have at least a sound experience of bookkeeping.

Anyone who can comply with the above rule and is prepared to accept this role is asked to contact the Chairman at your very earliest convenience.



Note for Rally Officers re:

Rally Plaques

Will all rally officers please contact Grahame Payne, who will be coordinating the ordering from our supplier .

Donít forget all the motifs and plaque types are available to view here on the web site.

Grahameís contact details will be in the 2014 rally book.

to view Plaque Motifs

to view Plaque types

Contact addresses for Gwent Centre

for ease we suggest you copy and paste address into your email programme

Honorary Secretary
Honorary Rally Secretary
To insert anything on or contact the Web Site (or phone Chas on 01554-776076)
To send items for the Just for Fun Page



Message from the Caravan Club

Renewal of your Centre Registration

If you pay your annual subscription by Continuous Credit Card and the expiry date of your Club Membership has passed you will be unable to re-register to the Centre of your choice on the website.

If you pay your annual subscription by Direct Debit you will be unable to re-register to the Centre of your choice once you are within 10 days of your Club Membership expiry date.

Therefore to re-register to a Centre outside of the above dates, please call the Contact Centre on 01342 318813 Monday to Friday between 08:45 and 17:30.

If you are registering to a Centre for the first time, this can be processed on the website in the normal way.

(please note references to the "Website" above refers to the Caravan Club Website NOT the Centre Website)



Website (Update)

Chas, although no longer a caravaner, will continue to update our Web Pages. Please continue to forward all items for display to Chas either clicking on the link on our opening page or emailing to or which is linked to him.



Notice for the Guidance of Rally Officers

It has recently become common to offer strips of lottery tickets at say £1 a strip or say 6 for £5 as an incentive to buy more tickets. There are quite strict rules for running unlicensed lotteries/raffles.

The LAW for running these are:-

The price of every ticket must be the same to give all contributors an even chance for an even stake

Sale of tickets must be confined to Members

The promoter must be a Member of the Society and is only permitted to make deductions from the takings to pay for printing and stationery

The money raised can be used totally for prizes or divided between prizes and the Society Funds.

No advertisement may be exhibited except on the societies premises or where the Members work or reside (this includes the Rally Field)

Rally Officers should comply with the above to avoid the possibility of the Centre being heavily fined and banned from carrying out this activity, which is an important part of the Centres income.

Hon. Treasurer


Important Message

At a Divisional Meeting held on 26th April, 2008 advice was sought on the current situation as to provision of Fire Extinguishers on Centre Rallies.

Advice from the Caravan Club Health and Safety Executive was as follows:-

As we are neither Employees of the Caravan Club or an Employer, the Health and Safety at Work Act does not apply to Rallies.

We are not required to supply Fire Extinguishers on Rallies and if we opt to do so we leave ourselves open to action for any accident or incident that may occur in their use or misuse. Every intended user should also be given full training on the correct use of the equipment.

We were strongly advised to encourage our members to look to their own Safety and supply their own fire precautions (i.e. Extinguishers or a Bucket to be filled with sand or water on Site) and not to continue with the system we have in place.

A Centre Committee meeting was held on the 31st April and this subject was discussed. Whilst it is realised that this has been a controversial problem for some years it was now felt that it would be unwise to ignore the Caravan Club's final and firm advice.

It was felt that Committee Members and Rally Officers should not be left liable in the event of an accident or incident causing injury or damage.

The Committee unanimously voted to stop making Fire Extinguishers available on Gwent Rallies.



Use of £2 Rally Book Vouchers

(i.e. Vouchers issued free with Rally Books)

To clear up any confusion about the use of these vouchers we would like to clarify the position.

Club members who register with our Centre for the first time will be sent a current Rally Book and a £2 voucher free of charge

Rally books are then issued to Gwent Members who pay £2 and order the New Rally Book from the Secretary. The Rally Book will be issued with a £2 voucher for use as a part deposit for any Rally during that current year thereby ensuring that Members who Rally during the year will receive the Rally Book FREE. Members may buy a second book if required but a second voucher will not be issued.

These vouchers cannot be used for any other reason (including purchases of next years's Rally Book, Socials, purchasing equipment etc) as they are a concession to encourage and thank Members who Rally.

Non Gwent Members can of course purchase a book but a voucher will not be issued.

Centre Members who opt not to purchase a Rally Book will be sent a list of Rallies and notification of next years AGM by the Secretary.


Thank you for registering with our Centre!

We would like to remind you how important it is to re-register with the Centre when the time comes for you to renew your membership with the Caravan Club as the number of registered Centre Members controls the amount of our grant from the Caravan Club.

We would also like to thank all the Members who remembered to do so last year

Membership of the Centre is FREE to you but benefits all of us.

Thanks for your past co-operation

Hon. Treasurer on behalf of your Committee.


This is also our newsletter page.

Do you have anything of interest or importance that you would like published?. Why not mail me and forward your news for our consideration?

Please keep in mind that the web is "open to all" and nothing will be published that in any way may compromise any person.

It is the Centre's policy that Names will only be used at the request of the named person. Addresses and telephone numbers will never be used on our web site except for adverts in the For Sale/Wanted page if you actually request this is done..


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